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Earle J. Duncan

Earle J. Duncan offers professional legal services to Darien, GA and surrounding counties. Attorney Earle J. Duncan has 10 years of experience in general legal service for superior and state courts. He has two offices, one in Darien and the other in Pembroke, to serve your legal needs better.

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Earle J. Duncan's General Practice Includes:

  • Personal injury and auto accident
  • Social security
  • Wills and probate
  • Real estate closings
  • Family law and criminal law
  • Divorce, custody and child support
  • Speeding citations, felonies and misdemeanors
  • Disability claims

Call Earle J. Duncan today at 912-437-6220.

Additional Contact Information: P.O. Box 796 Pembroke, Ga. 31321, Office 912-653-4040

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Earle J. Duncan
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